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How Many Days?

Wie Viele Tage?

   What started with “how many days are you in Naples for,” grew into "how many days until I see you in Munich" and “how many days until you’re here in New York," and eventually became “how many days until we move to Berlin?” A result that I never expected to come from being paired with a random German guy in a pizza making class in Naples.

   When we met, I was too shy to get a picture together, but wanted to document my time, so I instead photographed our shadows- something that felt more discreet, but yet still intimate. Over time it transformed into a ritual for when we’re together, either visiting each other’s cities or places of importance, and even when we’re apart. This growing collection of our shadows resembles our long distance relationship, in the way that a person's shadow isn't always present, but they know that it’ll eventually be back soon enough.

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