Cecilia Bernadette Kegler (b. 2000, Orlando, FL) is a photographer and filmmaker living and working in Brooklyn. She received her BFA in Photography and Film Production from Parsons School of Design. Her work centers around her Cuban family and themes heavily affecting her life such as sexual assault, mental illness, and loss.


Cecilia mainly works with analog photography and is currently working on a photobook titled The Calm Is the Storm. It is about the small every day moments that make living with depression a little easier, mixing poetry with large and medium format photographs made over the years. 

She is also working on writing a script for a new short film. People have always told her that it's impossible to work in photography and film at the same time and succeed, but Cecilia is determined to prove those people wrong. 

To contact, email ceciliakegler1@gmail.com

Cecilia Kegler tintype by Geoffrey Berliner

Photograph taken by Geoffrey Berliner.